Good Kid

You…You are the most incredible girl he’s ever met Your voice is the only melody his spirit works up the courage to dance to And your conversations are the only lyrics he takes pride in memorizing  Girls like you are proof that there is a God That boy reads, sleeps and breathes your scripture Your […]

Roses: Part Two

I was catching up with an old friend When you came up in our conversation He asked me trivial things You know, “What’s her name? Where’d you meet her?” Stuff like that And then he asked me to describe you in one word… I promise you, I sat there contemplating what word I could use […]

Roses: Part One

Confused He drops his ink pen on the table as he scraps yet another sheet of paper He still can’t focus on his writing He takes a deep breath Calls it a night And slowly stumbles into the safe haven of his bed sheets It’s 11:30pm and while everyone is sleeping, The Poet lays restless […]


“…And finally, it’s time to stop running Stop chasing love It will come and stay someday, be patient Stop running from the past It helped create the person you are today, thank it Stop running from your gifts They were given to you for a reason Acknowledge, embrace, and use them Stop running from your […]