“That’s My Best Friend”

“That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend, flexin’… And that’s my bestie, my bestie, my best friend, go best friend”
– Young Thug

“You my right hand, you my go to”
– Drake

“Please tell me why you always hatin'”
– YG

Have you ever been slapped in the face so hard, you started tasting colors? How about argued for half a decade over how a particular historic event in history went down? Have you ever changed your hairstyle to something crazy solely out of spite because you were told it makes you look like a “Ragamuffin”? If you haven’t it probably means you haven’t had a friend quite like Arielle. Since she just came back to America from her trip to Tanzania and Amsterdam, I’m dedicating this post to her by telling you guys the greatest story on the planet, how I met my best friend.


Our story begins in eighth grade. If you’ve read my post “Broken Hearts and Fresh Starts”, you know that eighth grade started out incredibly rough due to me getting my heart broken the previous year. I was reserved and angry and not really looking to make any new friends, let alone any best friends. But that’s exactly what happened. How you may ask? Simple. I got punched in the face!

“You poor soul! Were you okay? Did Arielle come and check on you?” Yes, but seeing as how she was the one that actually punched me in the face, checking on me was kinda the least she could do…

You read right. Arielle and I became friends after she punched me in the face. Don’t ever listen to her tell the story because she tells it all wrong. But me? I come with all facts. Here’s how it happened. We were in 5th period science class and decided to take a class picture because why not? I picked the unfortunate position of standing behind her while she sat at the desk in front of me. When she turned around, my presence was so intimidating she used her karate master freak out skills to sock me square in the face. But she did it in a way that CANNOT be considered an accident. I mean she straight up turned around, THEN screamed, THEN punched me in the face. It didn’t all happen at once. It was a process and anyone who was there can attest to this lol. I didn’t scream, cry, heck I didn’t even feel it. I was so caught off guard that I went into some minor shock and just laid on the ground perplexed. She profusely apologized and helped me up but all I could think about was “Did this really just happen…”

Tough introduction, I will admit… I had planned on ignoring her for the rest of the year because, again, I wasn’t trying to make any new friends. But one day in Language Arts class, Arielle noticed we were reading the same book. Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” was secretly the best book in middle school but not too many people knew about it so to find someone that did was a big deal. We instantly clicked, talking about which factions we were in and quietly placing our classmates in factions as well. 

The year went by pretty fast with her. We didn’t hang out, we didn’t get together for group projects, we thankfully didn’t have an awkward middle school attempt at a relationship. Everything between her and I was pretty relaxed. The eighth grade dance was cool because we merged our respective friend groups and had a pretty big dance legion which was perfect for doing the cha cha slide. 

And then I moved away.

This is usually the part of the story where a friendship ends. I knew her a little under a year, we were only real friends for about 4 months, and now I was moving 900 miles away. But instead of growing apart, we started getting closer. When I started falling off and losing my other Florida friends, Arielle and I made sure to keep in contact. We talked to each other about everything that was going on in our lives from school stress to relationship stress to fear of the future stress… Yeah there was a lot of stress going on that freshman year. But it was cool because we had each other to talk to and alleviate that stress. After an entire year of talking every day, visiting Florida for summer break and seeing her was like meeting up with a life long friend. We had given each other the “Best Friend” title long before that summer visit but this was proof that we were going to be in each other’s lives for… well pretty much forever haha!

We’re six years in this friendship now and boy, has it been a fun time. No one has made me laugh as hard, think as deep, plan as thoroughly, or push myself as much as my best friend Arielle. It may be hard to believe but we’ve never fought once. 

Okay that’s a lie. We “fought” one time but it was all staged and we resolved it in three minutes so…

That’s not to say it hasn’t been smooth sailing. Arielle and I are almost polar opposites and frustrate each other to no end. I’m incredibly laid back and relaxed, she will unapologetically let you know what’s up. She plans every facet of her life, I leave pinpoints of what I want done and let life take care of itself. The Yin-Yang examples can go on and on but the point is we’re not the same and I think that’s why our friendship has lasted as long as it has and will continue to thrive, if not get stronger. Arielle is the only person outside of my family that I can think has had this big of an impact in shaping me into the person I’m growing into. 

I could go on and on about how my best friend is better than all other “best friends” but I’m gonna stop and just give you ten reasons why she’s incredible. Some things may be repeated but this is for all the people who skipped the story to get to the premise of my post.

  • Arielle has been blessed with both Muhammad Ali power and Bruce Lee precision so she’s deadly if she ever slaps/punches/etc. your face. If you value life at all, please stay out of her swinging range. I had to learn that the hard way…
  • She has the gift of being brilliant as well as driven (and kinda stubborn but this is supposed to be a post where I hype her up so I’m gonna chill). She a piano extraordinaire, was a stellar goalkeeper back in her soccer days, is an authentic black belt karate master (okay maybe not master but she’s actually a black belt so don’t play), and on top of all of this she’s indescribably intelligent. Like, Top 5 in her high school class and now attending Princeton intelligent. 
  • Her beauty is second to none. Ask me how many guys have tried to talk to her be it DMs, in person, or through me. No joke, my best friend took over the game, ran the game, and then killed the game all in one Instagram post one day. 
  • She has this crazy gift of intuition that should not be messed with. She can read through lies, false bravados, and every other form of deception like nobody’s business. Trust me, it’s in everyone’s best interest to just be upfront and tell her what you gotta tell her.
  • She has an A1 sense of humor. I say that knowing full well that we have similar tastes in humor and comedies. Katt Williams for the win
  • She’s more inspiring than she gives herself credit for. She breaks down and trips sometimes but she always ends up where she sets her mind on going. That’s why all this talk of “I don’t know if…” doesn’t phase me with her. I’ve heard it for six years and I’ve seen her pass every obstacle. 
  • *begins singing Ne-Yo’s hit single* Miss Independent. Literally. She’ll take friends and even a boyfriend from time to time but make no mistake, she does not need any of these things to thrive.
  • She never fails to do something interesting that keeps me guessing. Prime example, she knows I treat my hoodies almost as well as I treat my sneakers. They’re basically my children. So during her visit to Tennessee last year, tell me why she kidnapped one of the softest ones I had. But she “replaced” it by giving me back a hoodie that was already in my closet that I didn’t know she had swiped beforehand. Was I annoyed? Yes. But I was more so shook that she went through this elaborate scheme for a hoodie. Could’ve easily purchased one at the Walmart that’s a two minute drive from my house… But noooooo. 
  • She will do everything in her power to hear me out. If she’s busy, she’ll let me know and then make it a point to get back to me as soon as she has a free crevice of space in her schedule. If I’m saying something she doesn’t like, she’ll sigh but let me finish so she can understand what I’m saying and where I’m coming from. In a world where everything is moving a mile a minute, finding someone who actually slows down to acknowledge you and your words is rare.
  • She’s going to be successful. She’s going to reach her goals, she’s going to see her dreams come true, she’s going to have everything she’s worked for and then some. I don’t just know this, I KNOW this. Watch.

All in all, I’m blessed in saying that of all the people Arielle could’ve punched in the face that picture day, it was me (that doesn’t sound sincere but it is, I promise lol). I can’t even begin to imagine how different life would be if I stood behind another girl or if I transferred middle schools like I originally wanted to or if I never got her phone number the last week of school. This is a really sappy post and will probably be the last one of its kind for a while but with me turning 19 next week, I had to give a quick shoutout to the person who’s made my teen and early adult years so memorable. This post is also my late birthday gift to her since I couldn’t give her a present because she was in another country and all… HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ARIELLE!



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